Creator Kuro21BlackHawk
Tool RPG Maker
Genre RPG
Status Hiatus, Discontinued(?)

Time Dealers Hetalia is an RPG created by Kuro21BlackHawk. While the creator did take down the download link for a time, as of January 27, 2016 they decided to put the link back.

The download link can be found on its DeviantArt page.

Plot Edit

Italy goes to a world meeting, only to learn from England that Germany cancelled it, due to many nations being unable to attend.

Italy is about to go home, when there is a sudden black-out. When the lights turn on again, he's somewhere else. Italy is then almost attacked by a monster, but England pops out of seemingly nowhere and protects Italy. After thanking him, the two team up and they look for a way to escape.

As they roam around the cave-like place, they learn from stone tablets that they are trapped and they cannot leave unless they "free those who are chained".

Charaters Edit

Italy Edit

Main Article: Italy

Main Protagonist, alongside England

England Edit

Main Article: England

Main Protagonist, alongside Italy. With his knowledge in magic, he's very useful.

Aside from the Nations, there are also other creatures who dwell within the other dimension and possess some of the Nations after they are saved. When taking over their hosts' body, black shadow appears on their faces. These black shadows represent an incomplete Time. They can become complete once they proceed through a ritual called Memory Travel. Once this happens, the Time will no longer be dangerous or hostile to the host. Later on, it is revealed that Times are spirits of the dead.

Known Times:Edit

  • Dimentius: A Time that dwells within England. He first summoned Dimentius to ask him some questions. He is a trickster and sometimes beat around the bush.
  • Gargantua: A Time that dwells within America. He is shown to be overprotective of him and sometimes come out suddenly when someone insults his host.
  • Rargon: A Time that dwells within Prussia. His personality is the exact opposite of him. He is afraid of people and is also shy.
  • Temnota: A Time that dwells within Russia. He is shown to be afraid of his host.
  • (unknown): An unnamed and sealed Time within Germany. Ever since his rescue, Germany's Time has not woken up yet. It is still unknown whether he has one or not, but since he went through the same events then it is assumed that he has one.

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