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​​Welcome to the Hetalia Fangames Wiki!Edit

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This wiki was created to gather fans and information about fangames based off the manga and anime series Axis Powers Hetalia.

All the contents in this page refer to unofficial games made by fans, to fans. You won't find information about official games, such as Noto-sama 5 or Hetalia Gakuen Portable.

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Latest activityEdit

  • discussion page Talk:List of Games
    new comment by AngelBritannia 5 days ago
    Comment: The only games with USUK I have discovered so far are: RPG GAMES Royal Date Aveyond 2: Mathias's Quest Aveyond 4: Hetalia Darkness of the Rose Death...
  • discussion page Talk:HetaHazard
    new comment by A FANDOM user 5 days ago
    Comment: oh my God its 2018 I careless about this game now but I wish I knew the ending I heard somewhere from someone that the game was lost in a Japanese...

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